Now is a great time to clean out your jewelry box and turn anything that you no longer wear into cash. Even broken jewelry can be worth a lot of cash just as scrap.

We offer Free, No Obligation quotes on anything you bring in so there is no risk in coming in and finding out what you have. We want to give you the best price possible for your gold and jewelry and are happy to explain the process to you. The gold will be weighed and tested right in front of you so you know exactly what is happening.

Clean out that jewelry box today and put some cash in your pocket!

Need a Loan? Gold jewelry makes great collateral for a loan. It is small and easy to transport and because of the strong market for gold we can loan a higher percentage of value on jewelry than almost any other item. Any jewelry you pawn will be stored securely in a top rated fire and burglar proof safe to ensure it will always be there waiting on you to pick it up.