Cash for Tools


Tools are meant to be used. A good quality working tool is just as good or better than something new out of a box. At Boulevard Pawn you can find high end tools at a price that will let you get your job done and have money to spare. From small odds and ends like individual sockets up to band saws, grinders, and commercial lawn equipment if you have a job we are likely to have the tools you need to get it done.

Many contractors use us to source their tools and to expand their business. Often they will even use some of their tools that they don’t need for a particular job to use to get a loan to cover materials or expenses that they need up front for a job.

For the home handyman or woman, there is no better way to keep a do-it-yourself project under budget than by getting your tools at a bargain here at Boulevard Pawn.

If you own quality working tools and need a loan they make great collateral for a pawn and your tools will be kept in a secure and safe location until you are ready to pick them up. For more information on how pawn loans work please give us a call at (704) 298-0069 or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.